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Dear friends, due to the restriction of movement in Moscow until April 30, all orders are shipped once a week, on Thursday.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Stay home and be safe!

Why choose us
Vibrant company

The entire production is under strict control. We are able to quickly implement improvements in our product based on customers feedback. Very often our clients fedback is a basis for improvement of existing knives or prospective idea generation.

High quality

Our knives are highly appreciated all over the world, but we always keen on  upgrading our products, continuously improving the reliability and functionality of our products with each batch.

Own design

All of our knives are assembled according to their own unique designs, persistently crafted inside the company. Style and charisma distinguish DAGGERR out from the crowd and make it recognizable.


We maintain a dialogue with our customers. Unlike many companies, DAGGERR accompanies you not only before, but also after the purchase. You can always contact us with any question, leave a review or a wish - we will carefully study your response.