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Daggerr Urban 2

The knife Urban 2 is the second generation of the Urban model. There are some similarities in design, but it is necessary to state that Urban 2 is a completely different knife. The model became very popular among the consumer knife market. The first batch was sold in 2 weeks! We prepared 3 options of Urban 2 for the exhibition in Atlanta.

The knife Urban 2 is developed by us in virtue of constant dialogue with our customers. In order to create the EDC knife for progressive urban users, we listened carefully to the feedback from the owners of the first Urban model. Then, the following parameters were implemented:

1. The average size of the blade 8-9 cm.

2. The knife must have a deep clip that does not loosen up with time. In this regard, we must make the clip not permutable.

3. Secure frame lock is developed.  We decided to make a steel frame instead of titanium to keep the knife budgetary. However, the steel frame increased the weight of the knife up to 148 grams. The advantage of the frame in comparison with liner lock is that by grasping the knife handle you press the frame with the hand. Thus, the more effort and pressure, the stronger the grip and – as a result – the blade is locked the most securely.

4. The glass breaker.

5. D2 Steel. Steel D2 is popular and well-known for its aggressive cut and high resistance to dynamic loads material. The high hardness of the steel allows you to sharpen your knife with ease and keep it sharpened for a long time. We believe that regarding the EDC knives such steel is optimal and goes perfect for everyday urban users problem solving.

6. A beautiful dagger-like blade. Yup, a significantly large percentage of knife lovers want to have a folding model despite all the drawbacks of the dagger-style geometry.

Today the range of DAGGERR folding knives made with D2 steel is:

• Folding knife Urban2 with red-black G10

• Folding knife Urban2 with Blackwash blade finish

• Folding knife Urban2 with black G10

Our company is planning to release a female version of Urban 2 with the beautiful pink G10.