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About DAGGERR company

DAGGERR is the new Russian name on the knife market

Welcome to our website! We would like to introduce you the knife brand DAGGERR.

In 2016 we have got the idea of ​​creating our own knife brand and our first model of the folding knife Daggerr Urban was already available for sale in August 2017. We can confidently state that our extraordinary design solution immediately attracted a strong customer attention, so that is how we took a place on the knife market. During this time we have participated in the Klinok and Arsenal exhibitions in Russia. Next, we will take a part in the largest international knife Blade Show in Atlanta (GA), which will be organized from June 1 to June 3, 2018.

As a company we provide the development, marketing and sale of knives. Our knives are primarily created for everyday urban usage. Timur Ivanovich Uhuteli is the knife designer in our company. Timur is a truly gifted designer; he created an original, unique and recognizable style of knives that is well known as DAGGERR.

Daggerr Company does not have its own production facilities in Russia, so the knives are manufactured in China. We signed a manufacturing collaboration agreement with the Grand Sea Knife&Tool and Bestech Knives factories. Before the April 2018 our fixed knives were made in Moscow, but we have decided to stop our own production.

Just for a short period of time being on the knife market we concluded to focus on folding knives made with D2 steel as result of high interest and positive feedback among our customers. Steel D2 is popular and known for its aggressive cut and resistance to dynamic loads. The high hardness of the steel allows you to sharpen your knife with ease and keep it sharpened for a long time. We believe that regarding the EDC knives such steel is optimal and goes perfect for everyday urban users problem solving.

Today the range of DAGGERR folding knives made with D2 steel is:

• Folding knife Urban2 with red-black G10

• Folding knife Urban2 with Blackwash blade finish

• Folding knife Urban2 with black G10

• Folding knife Resident with Black G10

• Folding knife Resident with black anodized aluminum

All above mentioned models are equipped with a frame lock mechanism.

Also, we still have fixed blade knives made with n690 and Lohmann 2379 steel. You can find them on our Daggerr website.