About Company

DAGGERR - Russian knife company, which develops and manufactures functional folding knives with charisma. We design our products in-house analyzing every detail. We pride ourselves on unique designs, and willingness to stand out from the crowd.

The brand was founded in 2017 in Moscow and immediately took a strong position in the EDC (every day carry) segment. DAGGERR knives become recognizable due to the stylish design, high quality and best on market price-to-quality ratio.

For the short period of the brand’s existence, a community of regular customers has formed around DAGGERR, who actively support the development of our company and inspire us. We are proud that you trust us and sincerely share feelings and feedbacks about the brand in the social networks.

Daggerr's reliability is also confirmed by international partners. In the USA we work with Blade HQ and in France we work with Coutellerie Tourangelle.

DAGGERR is a friendly team of truly knife enthusiasts, who enjoy communicating with their customers, answer questions and carefully listen suggestions.