Blade length:120mm

Overall length:268mm

Blade width:4mm

Non-reversible clip

DAGGERR absolutely new! In this product, we tried to realize all the best for an urban tactical knife.

Parrot is our first knife with push button closure. This lock is a special invention of our company. 
Its advantage is safety and ease of use. This is a massive knife with a thick blade - 4mm,
a reinforced tip and a secure lock that allows the knife to be used in hard work.In the city,
many may be afraid of a person who has a knife sticking out of his pocket.
The deep-fitting clip will make it much more invisible.
Sophisticated ergonomics. The knife is comfortable to hold in hand.
A good grip is also provided by the grips made of G10. They prevent the knife from slipping into
the palm.
The flipper fin is located on the upper side of the product. This arrangement allows the knife to
be opened with the index finger.
The dagger blade shape with a grind, which has become the hallmark of our company.
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