Pelican Orange SW

3.97 oz
Tactical, Every day carry

Pelican - the stand out essential

Daggerr Knives is known for their willingness to break the knife status quo. Here we have the Pelican, a prime example of this. Set in G-10 clad stainless steel liners, the nigh on 4" stonewashed blade sacrifices familiar lines to gain added function. By pushing the spine of the blade against your pocket as you remove it, the raised portion of blade that houses the thumb stud will catch and throw the Pelican open in an instant. The stainless steel pocket clip is skull-shaped, with blue screws set as its eyes. Add this unique and functional knife to your rotation!

Pelican knife is the pride of the company because of the unique, distinctive blade shape - the unique and ergonomic solution of our designers. Repeating forms inspired by wildlife, the Pelican feature is the ability to open the blade when removed from its pocket. Such an extraordinary opportunity provides a wave-like top and special thumbstuds on both sides of the knife. The wave-like top of the blade allows Pelican to stand out as well as be more compact.

Installed Ceramic bearings on the knife - true secret of perfect Pelican mechanics.

Liner Lock - one of the most convenient and popular in the world, allows you to open and close the knife with one hand.

The handle material is a high-tech composite G10, widely known for its impact resistance and fire resistance.

The clip, styled as a “screaming” skull, is made in such a way that the knife is deeply recessed in the pocket. However, the clip is clearly visible, and therefore members of the Daggerr community easily recognize each other. The blue titanium “eyes” of the skull - special screws for fastening

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