4.74 oz.
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This Vendetta model has a black G-10 handle and D2 tool steel blade.

The Daggerr Vendetta is one humdinger of a knife. It's got an absolutely gargantuan five-inch long blade with a dagger grind, so this is an excellent self-defense and tactical knife. The detente on the frame lock is dialed in to perfection, so it flips open and locks tight every time. The action is slick as butter, and the blade drops shut like knives ten times it's price.

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26.12.2020 04:23
Вот я и приобрёл очередной нож этой компании. 😁 Долго не решался, потому как люблю не большие ножи, но взял и не жалею. Нож отличный. И сделан качественно. Берите не пожалеете.
25.12.2020 09:33
Like the previous reviewer, I also purchased my Vendetta through BladeHQ, and it wasn't easy: every time they'd get a resupply from Daggerr, the Vendettas in particular would sell out before I could buy one. Fortunately, I live near BladeHQ and am friendly with some of the employees, and they were kind enough to give me a little advanced warning before some newly arrived Vendettas went on sale, and I finally was able to purchase one. Once I did, it was no surprise why they don't stay in stock for long: the Vendetta would still be a great knife at twice the price, but at >$100 USD, I'd argue it's the best value on the knife market today. The build is rock-solid, the ergonomics comfortable; and having 5" of blade is actually quite useful, especially when a lot of slicing needs to be done, because no one part of the cutting edge dulls too fast. It's like having two knives to use for the job. And of course, the Vendetta just looks cool. From that aggressive, dagger-style blade, to the glass-breaker, and of course, the "screamimg skull" pocket-clip, it's a knife that gets attention. That may not be ideal for everyone, but personally, I love flashy knives. I will definitely be picking up more Daggerr knives in the future.
Ricardo Cardenas
12.11.2020 23:24
I purchased the Vendeta through Blade HQ. I was on Instagram and saw the advertisement. I was impressed by the overall look and when I saw the blade was D2 I bought it. I am very impressed with the knife and am recommending to my coworkers. We all carry knives and always looking for a better one at an affordable price. This brand in my new favorite. Thanks for a great product.


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