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Daggerr Resident

The Resident knife was developed on the basis of the Urban 2 model. The knife handle is the same with the Urban 2 knife unlike its blade and pocket clip.

1. The blade is full flat grind, but the blade type is spear point. Also we decided to return the Daggerr hole, as it was on the first Daggerr Urban model.

2. We created a unique pocket clip design, which will immediately identify the DAGGERR knife in your pocket. In the future we plan to use such pocket clips on all our folding knife models.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-26 at 22.07.00

The Resident model hits entirely the EDC category.

Steel D2, ball bearings, full flat grind, Daggerr hole, Daggerr branded deep pocket clip and of course a spear point type of the blade!

The model is coming soon in two versions: